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scalp micropigmenation vs hair transplants

Suffering with hair loss or thinning locks can be detrimental on your self-confidence. As much as we’d all like to ‘grow old gracefully’, sometimes the person in the mirror is not quite the person we want to be. Thanks to new innovations and technology, we can now maintain our good looks and self-esteem, even when age does start to catch up with us.

Very few people enjoy wearing a wig or toupee; the hair is itchy and uncomfortable, and the adhesives can damage your scalp underneath. Up until recently, the only other realistic option was to undergo a hair transplant surgery, something which has long been popular in the celebrity sect. From John Travolta to Jude Law, James Nesbitt to Wayne Rooney, there is a whole lot of hair transplanting going on for those who have the cash to splash. Read more