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Permanent brows makeup is an increasingly popular method that allows you to achieve a lasting effect of beautifully shaped eyebrows. For many people, this is a perfect solution, especially for those who want to save time on painting their eyebrows every day. In this article, we will discuss different techniques for applying permanent eyebrow makeup to help you make an informed decision when choosing this method.


Micropigmentation or permanent makeup is a process that involves introducing pigment into the skin using a special device and micro-needles (micropigmentation), which allows for precise color application. The treatment is comfortable and relatively painless due to the shallow introduction of the pigment. The method allows you to achieve a natural effect, imitating natural eyebrow hairs, or a different effect depending on the chosen method. A wide range of pigment colors is available, which allows you to adjust permanent makeup to individual preferences, skin and hair color.


Ombre eyebrows is a technique that is inspired by the popular ombre makeup technique. In the case of eyebrows, this means a gradual transition of color from lighter to darker, which gives the eyebrows a delicate and subtle appearance. This method is especially recommended for people looking for a more sophisticated effect that is both durable and natural.

ombre eyebrows


Permanent brows makeup using the 3D hair-stroke method is a process that aims to create a three-dimensional effect on the eyebrows. This is achieved by precisely applying the pigment in the direction of the growth of natural eyebrow hairs. This effect is subtle and imitates the natural structure of hairs, which makes the eyebrows look very authentic. The technique is an excellent option for people who want to subtly improve the appearance of their eyebrows, highlight their color or add volume.

permanent brows hair method
permanent brows hairstroke method


Combo/hybrid technique is an innovative approach that combines various techniques, creating a personalized effect tailored to the client’s individual preferences. The key element of this method is the combination of the ombre technique with elements imitating natural eyebrow hair, which makes the effect not only durable, but also extremely natural and subtle.

Ombre Eyebrows in Hybrid:

The ombre technique in permanent hybrid brows is characterized by a gradual color transition from lighter to darker. This effect makes the brows delicate and at the same time gives them depth and expressiveness.

Hair Elements in Hybrid:

As part of the hybrid technique, elements imitating natural brow hair are introduced. This element of the hybrid technique is particularly effective in creating a realistic effect and adapting the brows to each person’s unique structure.

Adjusting to the Patient’s Preferences:

The key feature of the hybrid technique is its flexibility and adaptation to individual preferences. The specialist performing the treatment works with the client to understand whether he cares more about the ombre effect or the natural appearance of the hair. This approach allows you to obtain a personalized result that perfectly meets the client’s expectations.

Subtle and Natural:

Hybrid permanent brows are subtle and natural, thanks to the balanced combination of ombre with elements imitating hair. The final effect is durable, does not require daily painting, and at the same time looks very authentic, perfectly emphasizing the natural beauty of the face.

permanent brows combo method
permanent brows combo method


The technique was specially designed for men and uses an advanced method of imitating natural hair, which allows for a subtle and authentic effect. The specialist ensures appropriate density and shape, adapting the reconstruction of missing areas to the individual characteristics of the client. The 3D male eyebrows are designed to be subtle and natural. This is especially important for men, who often prefer more discreet and delicate corrections.

male brows

The choice of the appropriate permanent brows makeup technique depends on individual preferences, expectations and the structure of natural brows. It is worth consulting an experienced specialist who will help you choose the best method and obtain a satisfactory effect.


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