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Can permanent make up really look natural?

can permanent makeup look natural

For most people who are getting into semi permanent make up for the first time, the idea is not to look like they’ve put all their make up on all the time. What clients usually ask for is a more natural, beautiful look, which doesn’t necessarily look made-up, but just better than their bare naked face.

Expertly applied makeup can help accentuate natural beauty, and the hope is that permanent make up can do this too. But when you’re talking about eyeliner tattoos and permanent lip colours, is it really possible to get a ‘natural’ look?

How to get natural semi permanent make up

The good news for those of you who prefer a subtle, un-fussy look, is that semi permanent makeup can definitely look super natural. If you’re open to taking advice from your practitioner, and are willing to follow instructions, there is no reason at all that you can’t achieve natural looking eyeliner tattoos, lip contouring or tattooed eyebrows through the use of micropigmentation.

All practicing technicians will have undergone extensive semi permanent makeup training, much of which will be based around creating a natural look. From creating individual hair strokes for your eyebrow tattooing through too keeping a perfectly steady hand for the most natural of eyeliner tattoo finishes, we aim to create a makeup look that is even more natural than your own, conventional make up would look.

We don’t want to do all your make up for you. We simply want to create a solid base from which you can wake up with confidence, go out without worry and add your own twists and shades to in order to create new looks for special occasions.

There are a few rules to abide by if you’re keen to get a natural look to your make up. Here are some top tips from experienced artists and technicians:

  • Choose pigments which are close to your colour
  • Go thin over thick lines wherever possible
  • Ask for shading rather than a block colour
  • Be open to attending a second or ‘touch up’ appointment
  • Choose an experienced practitioner
  • Choose a modern, reputable clinic
  • Follow all guidance regarding after care and long term maintenance

Permanent makeup aftercare is particularly important, as poor ongoing care can lead to unsightly colour fade and problems with the pigments. Factor a touch up trip to your technician in at least once every 18 – 24 months, so that they can spot any issues in plenty of time before they develop into major problems.

How practitioners avoid an unnatural permanent makeup look

As expert permanent makeup tattoo practitioners, it’s our job to give you advice and guidance on your eye and lip tattoos so that you can enjoy your new makeup look for many months to come. We know what works and what doesn’t, and will work hard to steer you right in terms of what is going to complement your style and image, and what’s going to look simply overdone on your face. Here’s how we do it:

  • We use colours close to your skin tone

If you’re very fair and you want thick, black eyebrows, it’s just going to look silly. Similarly, when we work on your lips tattoo, we don’t want a shocking pink or deep red colour that’s miles away from your natural tone. We want to pick something similar to your natural shade, and simply accentuate what you’ve already got rather than try and create something else.

  • We do less at first, then add to it

When we ask you to come for a ‘touch up’ appointment after your first treatment, there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, we need to see how the area has healed, and make sure the shape of your semi permanent tattoo is as we agreed it would be. Secondly, we never know quite how the colour is going to take on different skin types, and we want to make sure it’s noticeable but not overpowering. We tend to under-tattoo on the first appointment, if anything, and then add to it to produce the perfect look when you come for your second visit.

  • We avoid fads and trends

Sure, metallics are all the rage this season, but do you really want to live with a silver lip tattoo for the next two to three years? Going ‘on trend’ with makeup is a bad idea in anyone’s book, because you never know where things are going to go, and within a couple of months you could be seriously out of fashion. Our job is to give you an amazing natural look, to which you can add your choice of shades, colours and textures to keep up with the in crowd as much as you like.

  • We know you’ll get used to it

Right now, you’re used to the way you look without makeup. Once you’ve had your semi permanent makeup done, you’ll begin to get used to that too. Soon, the image of yourself with a subtle lip colour and thin eyeliner tattoo will be the norm, and you’ll be back asking for more, more, more! As much as we like to generate business for ourselves, we don’t want to send our clients away looking like painted clowns, so when it’s needed, we will say no!

We want to help you achieve your best, natural look, and to enhance your own beautiful features to create a face you’re happy with all the time. Semi permanent tattoo procedures can save time and money in the long run, and can eliminate the embarrassment of having mascara or eyeliner running down your face if it rains or you experience an emotional moment.

Of course, you’ll always see the shock stories and the horror images plastered across the tabloids, where clients have either visited less than reputable make-up artists or have demanded more tattooing than really looks good, but these are most certainly not the norm. Talk to us today about enhancing your natural looks, and cutting the time and money you’re currently spending on makeup.


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