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Scalp Micropigmentation After Hair Transplant

SMP after a hair transplant can be used to create the appearance of fuller hair and fill in areas where hair is sparse. This is also an option for those who are not good candidates for a hair transplant.

Permanent Brows

What technique to choose for permanent brows. Make an informed decision when choosing permanent eyebrows

Eyeliner Tattoo & Eyeliner Styles

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tattoo eyeliner and what eyeliner style to choose

Skin Healing Properties: Empowering Yourself for Optimal Recovery after Microblading Treatment

Explore ways to optimize your healing process after permanent makeup and microblading treatment


3D Tattoo eyebrows – realistic permanent eyebrows – the process

Marek WaclawczykA competent, experienced and enthusiastic permanent makeup and aesthetics specialist with over 15 years of the beauty industry experience, including nearly 10 years as a Permanent Makeup Artist. Qualified in eyebrow tattooing, permanent makeup of the lips and eyeliner, scalp micropigmentation for hair loss, 3d breast areola reconstruction, mesotherapy skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser […]

Permanent makeup aftercare: How to help your permanent eyebrows last longer

When you’ve invested in beautiful permanent eyebrows, you’ll want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. Most treatments last from one year up to three before you require a touch up appointment, and lots of factors come into play to determine how long they will last. Things like the type of […]

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When permanent makeup goes wrong

You’d think that when someone is about to apply a tattoo directly onto your face, they should be appropriately qualified and trained to do so. However, not all permanent make up practitioners are equal, in fact some are nothing short of inept. Choosing the wrong artist for your permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lips or otherwise could […]


Semi-permanent eyebrows: microblading or machine?

Worth an estimated £20m in the UK today, semi permanent eyebrows are big news right now. According to research company NPD, the average British woman spends around £200 a year on perfecting their arches, and with over half a million tutorials available on YouTube, it seems everyone is working on achieving brow perfection. Since the […]

Scalp micropigmentation vs hair transplants: What’s the best solution for bald or thinning hair?

Suffering with hair loss or thinning locks can be detrimental on your self-confidence. As much as we’d all like to ‘grow old gracefully’, sometimes the person in the mirror is not quite the person we want to be. Thanks to new innovations and technology, we can now maintain our good looks and self-esteem, even when […]


Trends in permanent eyebrows: The ombre technique

The humble eyebrow has gone from being a negligible streak of hair above the eye to a major contender in the facial beauty stakes. Once shaven off completely in favour of a thin pencil line, today’s trendy brows are thick, full and beautifully shaped. Getting our eyebrows perfect every morning is not an easy task. […]