3d breast areola reconstruction

3D Breast Areola Tattoo

Women who have fought through mastectomies, breast surgery or who have faded or irregular areolas can often feel less than completely feminine. Men too can feel self-conscious in the pool or on the beach if their areolas aren’t quite ‘normal’. It’s not something we often talk about to our friends, but feeling uncomfortable in our own bodies can affect every area of our lives.

Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer in silence any more. Thanks to a revolutionary new medical tattooing procedure, you can get the areolas you always wanted, repairing damage, fading and replacing missing skin. MW Aesthetics are proud to introduce you to areola tattoo, a safe, easy way to get your confidence back where it belongs.

What is areola tattoo reconstruction?

Our areola reconstruction treatment is a branch of cosmetic tattooing that can change the lives of those who have had their breasts removed, damaged or otherwise disfigured. It involves the use of a micropigmentation technique, using a specific needle configuration to meticulously implant all-natural pigments just under the surface of the skin.

The technique uses advanced artistic shading and colouring, to give a natural, 3D effect, making the nipple look like it is protruding from the areola and giving you the very best results possible. If you only need one areola tattooing, we’ll expertly colour match your existing areola to ensure a perfectly symmetrical, identical finish.

As part of the treatment, we can also help to soften the scars which were left following your surgery. Whether they are on or around the areola or in other areas of the breast, we are able to implant colour matched pigment to help them fade into the background. Ask to see our case studies to see just how effective our results really are.

Posted by Sylwia Dobrowolska on Friday, 14 July 2017

Who can have a 3D areola tattoo?

If you’re unhappy with the way your areola looks, or for any reason do not have an areola any more, we can help. We work with:

  • Cancer survivors, both single and double mastectomy
  • Men and women who have undergone surgery
  • Those who have had breast augmentation and have been left with unsightly scars
  • People undergoing gender reassignment surgery
  • Those with skin conditions such as vitiligo which discolours the areola
  • Men and women who have irregular, asymmetrical or undefined areola
  • People who have had any other type of breast surgery
breast areola tattoo

Our treatment is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age, skin tone or areola colour. The expertise and professionalism of our tattooist will ensure you achieve a beautiful, natural look that is barely distinguishable from the real thing.