permanent makeup london
permanent makeup london
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Welcome to MW Aesthetics, where our business is to make you look fabulous. As specialists in semi permanent makeup, we can help you enhance your naturally good looks with a range of micropigmentation services.

From tattoo eyebrows to permanent makeup eyeliner, 3D permanent lips and scalp micropigmentation, MW Aesthetics are one of the top choices in London for amazing, natural looking results.

With training from world leading masters and trainers, a solid background in the beauty industry and a meticulous approach to every client, MW Aesthetics are the number one choice for permanent makeup treatments in London and Surrey.

Using the latest techniques and tools, we can achieve stunning looks for every face shape.

As competent, enthusiastic and ambitious specialists, we are ready to help you achieve your signature look.

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Our Treatments

Permanent Eyebrowspermanent eyebrows

Our state of the art techniques and processes make it possible to reconstruct the missing hair from your eyebrows one strand at a time.

Thanks to this method, we can recreate and improve your natural eyebrow, and give you a stunning, permanent eyebrow tattoo that will frame your face perfectly.

Permanent Eyelinerpermanent eyeliner

Your eyeliner is your secret weapon. It’s the statement that says ‘look at me’, and adds the drama to your make up.

With our permanent eyeliner technique, we can draw a precise, perfect pigment line exactly how you like it. We can even give a slight uplift to the outer corners of your eyes to help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Permanent Lipspermanent lips

Our 3D lips process combines with our artistic flair in shading, outlining, infilling and beautifying to create your dream lips, perfect from every angle.

Thin, non-symmetrical, colourless lips can adopt the appearance of beautiful, full specimens, thanks to our creative use of contouring, shading, lightening and colouring.

Scalp Micropigmentationscalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation involves the use of a single needle, meticulously forming realistic follicles into which we implant the colour pigment. Artistic use of shading and advanced colour matching ensures the end result is perfect, creating a naturally groomed, close shaved appearance.

Anti-Ageingskin rejuvenation

The latest generation all-in-one skin rejuvenation. For prevention of early signs of skin ageing and maintenance of active cell nutrition in the dermis. A complete anti-ageing product which combines a non-chemically modified, natural hyaluronic acid and nutritional elements.

Areola Reconstructionareola tattoo

Women who have fought through mastectomies, breast surgery or who have faded or irregular areolas can get their confidence back where it belongs. The technique uses advanced artistic shading and colouring, to give a natural, 3D effect, making the nipple look like it is protruding from the areola and giving you the very best results possible.

Why Choose Permanent Makeup

Always Perfect

How frustrating does it feel when you get the eyeliner on one eye just perfect, but then the other goes horribly wrong? Or when, no matter how many times you wipe and reapply, you just can’t get your eyebrows symmetrical? Well, with semi permanent make up, you can say goodbye to bad make up days for good.

Time Saving

A recent Harley Street clinic study discovered that ladies spend around 474 days of their lives putting on make up. That’s more than three hours a week, and time you could be spending doing something else when you choose permanent makeup.

Guaranteed Smudge Free

Never fear your gym session again, or indeed getting a bit weepy over a film, because panda eyes can be a thing of the past. Tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lips will never let you down, no matter how your day goes.

Money Saving

Ditch your eyeliner, forget the lip liner and never buy another eyebrow pencil again. Research by Biosen found that British women spend around £2,000 a year on cosmetic products, a figure that could be significantly dented if they didn’t need quite so many items in their makeup bag.


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